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Voice Services

Whether you need voiceover for your next commercial project, character voicing for your animated feature or video game, or virtually any other voice application, I’m ready to help you get the voice work you need at a cost within your budget.

Commercial Voiceover

Finding the right voice for your brand can be challenging. You need a voice that will connect and resonate with your audience to carry your message with maximum effect. I will work with you to understand your audience, goals, and message, so we can ensure your project hits just the right notes.

Character Voicing

Whether you’re producing an animated project for film, television, or streaming, or you’re developing the next blockbuster video game, voicing can make or break your characters, and therefore your connection with your audience. Do you want flat, boring characters or do you want characters with dimension and personality that effectively engage, connect, and carry your story? Using my experience within award-winning podcasts, video games, and animation, I will bring your characters to life.


Have you written the next great American novel, and want to release it as an audiobook? Are you producing a documentary film on a subject you’re passionate about and want to share with others? How about a voice for your internal or external informational and instructional content? Or maybe you are looking for something shorter, such as intros and outros for your podcast? Regardless of the scale and scope of your project, I am prepared to voice your project in an engaging way that is an appropriate fit for your content.

About Me

Hi, I’m Trenton. I’m a professional voice actor based in Pittsburgh, PA, where I was born and raised. 

I am passionate about creating stories, video games, animation, and acting. The beauty of working as a voice actor is that it touches these things I’ve always had a fascination with.

Working with me, you’ll not only get a professional, effective voice talent that can flex to any position you need me for, but also a friendly, fun person to create your project with! I value a strong interpersonal connection between me and my clients.

Outside of my work as a voice talent, I am a published author, with a bachelor’s degree in writing. I implement all I have learned as an actor into my screenplays, and vice versa, giving a writer’s touch to an actor’s mind.

Now that you know a bit more about me…

Let’s make something awesome together!

My studio includes:

  • Neumann TLM 103 microphone

  • Universal Audio Apollo Solo audio interface
  • Reaper DAW
  • Broadcast-quality booth with double layered acoustic blankets

  • Source-Connect Standard license

  • ADR capabilities

Email: booking@trentonbuttvoices.com

Bubo Series

Really knows how to capture the essence of a frazzled New Yorker, coming from a New Yorker.

— Part, Creator of BUBO Series

Cold Chop Studio

Trenton has a short, but important role in our game, Pinewood Valley. He’s easy to work with and did a great job voicing the character exactly how we needed it.

CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story

Our character exploration chat was effortless, I was able to give some notes and a background on the character and what I was looking for, which was fairly complex. What Trenton delivered not only brought the character I imagined to life, and had perfect chemistry with the other characters. The audio quality was excellent, the turnaround time was fast and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the final product.

— Kenneth Vigue, Showrunner

Corrpuption Studios

Trenton has been a delight to work with, they’re not only diligent in their work but delightfully sociable as well! We are blown away by their talents and can’t wait to continue working with them on future projects!

Head Empty Studios

As soon as we saw Trenton appear on the casting call for Shuttle Revolution, we knew he was a perfect fit. The sheer energy and quality of his performance shone through as well as the clear understanding he had of the game’s context. Working with him was a joy as Trenton was always timely to both deliver and amend the lines we asked for. He clearly has a lot of passion for what he does and for that I wholeheartedly recommend his work.

— Daniel Haynes

Heterochromiacs Original Story

Trenton was an amazing audition to receive for my project, and I knew immediately they were the one that had to be casted. This project has been a passion for me and my friends for nearly 5 years, and to see someone capture a character who had been there since the beginning of the story felt like a miracle. They captured Darcio‘s energy and voice perfectly, and worked within my sudden schedule change that was not originally planned. They‘re very enjoyable to work with, and would be an amazing addition to any cast.

— TeFA, Director and Animator

Invictum Digital

I had the privilege of having Trenton voice one of the characters in my audio drama Savage Waking: Obliteration. His voice fit the idea I had for the character perfectly!

He was a breeze to work with in both communication and skill.
I would be most happy to work with him again in the future, should the opportunity arise!

— Jonathan Winstead

Meant To bee studios

Trenton is an absolute delight to work with! They bring humor, charm, and creativity in addition to being an incredibly professional voice actor with talent to spare!

They embodied Makai in my visual novel and managed to stand out against an entire cast of equally talented individuals. They will make the perfect addition to any project you need them for!

— Joy, Creator of Meant To Bee Studios

Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly

Trenton worked fast, providing convincing voice over impersonations of a known character for use in our event hype videos. Absolute pleasure to work with.

Mysticborn Productions

I cast Trenton in Mystic Tales: Season 2, and they were given a series of characters to portray. I told my cast as a whole that they had complete creative autonomy, as I feel that is the most organic way to let actors really shine. Trenton took those characters I gave them, and brought them to life in fun and unexpected ways.

They submitted their lines in a timely manner, made me smile over their performances, and gave me hope that Mystic Tales: Season 2 would be a wonderful project. Trenton is great to work with, very talented, and I would highly recommend casting them in your projects.

— Michael Ignacio Jr., Director

Single-Line Promo

I approached Trenton to do a single voice line for a promo I was cutting and it came out perfectly! He was very thorough to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I would recommend him for voice over work in a heartbeat.

— Marius Alexander

Space Detective

Trenton did a great job understanding what kind of character he was voicing, a villain named General Victor, or “V” for short. I really enjoyed sharing what I plan to do with the character going forward and am keeping Trenton in mind to continue that role. I think he’s a solid pick for anyone looking for a talented and collaborative voice actor who cares about the project.

— Specialist Feature, Creator of Space Detective

William Hunter

Throughout working with him, Trenton had been incredibly professional and communicative. As I have little knowledge in audio and voice acting, he took time to explain his processes and techniques, as well as the differences in said techniques in order to provide the lines and delivery I needed. His performance was stellar, and I would strongly recommend working with him if given the chance.

For Booking: San Francisco

For Booking: New Zealand

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